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Pre-Production Eco-System

For the past 20 years Project Synergy has partnered with automotive suppliers and OEMs to develop a robust ecosystem that enables all stakeholders to manage all aspects of pre-production operations such as communication & collaboration, non-production parts & services procurement, prototype build events, quality, warehouse, as well as budget and timing.

Contributed toward Ford’s achievement of the JD POWER Top Quality Rating through our Change Management and Vehicle/Product Attribute Management applications for 2006 – 2012 Model Year Fusion, Milan, Edge and MKZ

Our prototype BOM management application (Synergy) was used to manage over 200 prototype build events at Ford Product Development Center


About Us

What They're All Saying

Project Synergy has made Ford tags simple for my prototype shop in Mexico. After training my team, we have nearly eliminated lost or impounded assemblies. I can't wait until Project Synergy brings Honda up to the same level.

Jeftf Duncan
Project Manager at ContiTech

I have used Project Synergy for Ford and the template provided for Nissan. This service has been invaluable. The ability to upload and print labels and shipping documents that meeting with Ford's approval is great. They take the guess work out of ensuring that my packages are properly identified at my customer locations.

Tahra Parker
Project Buyer at Valeo

Project Synergy has been very useful to us in Ford Prototype. Keeps us compliant with Ford requirements. The ability to have the web sync to pull in all our GPIRS orders is time saver.

Vance Sandra
Materials Coordinator at Rebo Lighting

We have been using Project Synergy software for our prototype shipment applications for several months now and find it to be easy to use and a valuable time saver

Glenn Bosma
Quality Specialist at Henniges Automotive

ProjectSynergy has improved our operational process of handling our Ford Prototype shipments immensely. The software allows us to process our orders in a much more timely basis in order to meet our targeted delivery dates. The fact that you can generate a packing slip, carton labels and the part tag labels in one file and without errors, is a huge benefit. The previous manual process we used was very cumbersome, time consuming and very inefficient. In using the manual process we incurred many human typo errors. This no longer the case because of ProjectSynergy.

Donna Paulson

An enormous amount of time is saved with each order processed with ProjectSynergy, Ford especially as the GPIR's system allows for a down load of all current/ open orders which in turn allows the ProjectSynergy user to select from ProjectSynergy listing and not have to continually keep downloading data. Each customer is different, but for Ford applications the time savings is exceptional" ... …"The process is very easy, with simply a download of customer procurement documents (GPIRS, GM Pre-Production PO's…) ProjectSynergy will format part labeling and container barcodes with all pertinent customer information and from there it is as simple as printing out the labeling and applying to wired tagging and securing to customer product"… … "All labeling is managed per customer specification with customer required information pulled directly from customer documents; human error and variability are removed from product identification formatting"… … "ASN system within ProjectSynergy allows for completion of process without switching to another system to communicate ASN" … … "Within an organization you can view the status of each downloaded order and know where the order is in the build process; status of "NEW" all the way to "Shipped/ ASN sent"

Ann Ellis